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Veterinary Diagnostics in Dallas

Understanding Your Pet’s Health

Your pet can’t tell us what’s wrong when they’re not feeling their best. At A&B Animal Clinic, we turn to the latest diagnostic technology to help us understand what’s ailing your pet. Our Dallas veterinarians will use all of the tools at our disposal to diagnose your pet’s condition quickly so that we can get them back on all fours.

Our clinic also uses diagnostic tools as a part of our preventative care and wellness plans. We employ regular testing of your pet in order to establish a clear medical history and help us understand what is considered normal for their health. This assists us in quickly identifying deviations in your pet’s normal health down the road, which can help your pet get treatment faster.

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Diagnostics at A&B Animal Clinic

We are proud to be an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital. This means that we not only meet the AAHA’s high standards of medical care for your pets, but we also are fully equipped with the latest technology to help us meet all of their health needs.

We offer the following diagnostic services:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound

Each of the above services help our team get a closer look at your pet’s health. When a physical exam can’t tell us everything we need to know, we’ll order one or more of these services to help us get a fuller picture of your pet’s condition. As a Fear Free Certified practice, we take pride in making sure they feel safe and comfortable in our care while we perform these tests.

Laboratory Testing in Dallas

We use laboratory testing to understand the health of your pet’s internal systems. At A&B Animal Clinic, we are able to perform blood tests, urinalyses, and fecal checks as part of our diagnostic testing program. These tests aren’t just useful when your pet is feeling under the weather; we’ll often recommend lab work with your pet’s routine wellness exams so that we can make sure they are staying healthy.

Radiology & Ultrasound in Dallas

If we suspect that there is something going on underneath your pet’s fur that we can’t identify with the naked eye, our Dallas veterinarians may recommend radiological imaging via x-ray or ultrasound. Both forms of radiology allow us to see beyond your pet’s fur to look at images of your pet’s bones, muscles, and organs. Importantly, radiology is non-invasive and pain-free, which makes it a great tool to investigate your pet’s health without any drastic measures.

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  • I love our vet

    “I love our vet. I was especially pleased with how they have stayed open and handled the current COVID situation with professions grace. Thanks for taking such good care of our fur babies.”

    - Leanne Wyatt
  • Everyone was so sweet and understanding!

    “Everyone was so sweet and understanding! There was always someone waiting to help my baby boy and work with me with payment the whole way through!”

    - Mary Ruiz
  • Dr. Franklin is very knowledgeable, kind and helpful

    “Dr. Franklin is very knowledgeable, kind and helpful. The staff is also very friendly and courteous. I feel confident my pet is well cared for at A&B Animal clinic.”

    - Sharon Tabbert
  • They really care about their patients

    “I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. The people that work there treat my dogs as family. And they really care about their patients.”

    - Judy Dilworth
  • They truly care about my family!

    “We love Dr Franklin and the whole staff. They truly care about my family!”

    - Cathy Ann

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