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Seeing Beyond Your Pet’s Fur

At A&B Animal Clinic, radiology is a powerful tool in our diagnostic arsenal. Radiology helps us better understand what’s going on beneath your pet’s fur. We are able to get a look at their internal systems to help us pinpoint things that could be bothering them that we can’t see with the naked eye. When diagnosing your pet, this is invaluable information that can help your pet get treated faster.

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X-Rays vs. Ultrasounds: What’s the Difference?

X-rays and ultrasounds are two different kinds of radiological imaging. Both methods give us a view into what’s going on inside of your pet that our Dallas veterinarians wouldn’t be able to see with a simple physical exam. X-rays are still images of the dense tissues and solid parts of your pet’s body. Ultrasounds can produce both real time and still images of the soft tissues inside of your pet’s body. Both x-rays and ultrasounds are non-invasive and pain-free! We are also Fear Free Certified to make sure your pet remains comfortable and safe throughout the radiological imaging process.

X-Rays & Your Pet

X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to produce still images of the solid parts of your pet’s body. Traditionally, these images were developed on film, but A&B Animal Clinic uses the latest digital radiological technology to view x-rays on a computer monitor. Because these are still images, we may need to sedate your pet in order to get the clearest picture. Additionally, x-rays will expose your pet to a very small dose of radiation.

X-rays can be used for:

  • Identifying and monitoring broken bones
  • Locating foreign objects
  • Identifying and monitoring tumors

The best subjects for x-rays are the dense or solid parts of your pet’s body. If we believe that your pet is experiencing an issue with their internal organs or a pregnancy, we’ll order an ultrasound.

Ultrasounds & Your Pet

Ultrasounds use high frequency soundwaves to produce real time images of the soft tissues of your pet’s body. Ultrasounds can also be used to monitor pregnancies, just like in humans. These images can be viewed on a computer screen or printed out. Unless your pet is very anxious, we won’t need to sedate them for an ultrasound. Unlike x-rays, ultrasounds do not use radiation to produce their images.

Ultrasounds can be used for:

  • Examining lumps or masses
  • Monitoring pregnancy
  • Examining the heart and other organs

Soft tissues like your pet’s internal organs are the best subject for ultrasounds. If we believe your pet is experiencing an issue with their bones or muscles, we’ll order an x-ray.

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